Brass Empire - New Canton (Expansion) (engl.)

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The serene frontier town of New Canton has discovered a vast deposit of Brass. This discovery brings with it the inevitable influence of corporate greed and espionage. Powerful corporate factions desperate to control this natural resource are already sending their emissaries to the region. In an effort to secure New Cantons Brass, each corporation has selected an employee for the task of establishing mining operations in the region.

In New Canton, a deluxe campaign expansion to Brass Empire, you select a hero and play through an epic story of greed, corruption, love and tragedy. As you play through the twelve game legacy campaign, you will be changing the rules, unlocking cards, customazing decks and progressing through a unique characters story between every game. Your story does not end with the campaign. When the campaign is over, all of the cards you unlocked can be added to the original Brass Empire like a traditional card game expansion. Furthermore. You NEVER destroy any components and can play the campaign again and again from a different characters perspective.

New Cnton adds a 6th corporate faction and supports play for up to 6 players. It also introduces several new card types and game mechanics. What lies beneath New Canton is up to you to discover.

This is not a stand alone deck. A copy of Brass Empire (engl.) is required to play.

Game Contents:

    225 Legacy Cards
    103 Campaign Cards
    48 Card 6th Player Expansion
    25 Brass Coin Tokens
    25 Health Tokens
    20 Page Rulebook
    4 Solo Boss Challenge Cards
    Campaign Scoring Sheet
    Storage Tray
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