Whistle Mountain (engl.)

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Welcome to Whistle Mountain! Collect resources with the assistance of blimps, dreadnoughts, and hot air balloons as you make your way up the mountainside. Spend those hard earned resources on scaffolds, machines, and equipment to rise higher than the competition as the water levels from the melting snow caps rise beneath you! Most importantly, you will need to protect your workers from the ever threatening floodwaters by moving them to safety on the newly constructed scaffolding.

Whistle Mountain is a unique tile laying, worker placement & resource management game. This game gives a nod to Caputos previous Bezier Games title Whistle Stop with familiar artwork and themes but ventures into a new world of technology and mechanics - find out what its all about!

Game Contents:

    92 Victory Point Tokens
    80 Wood Resources
    54 Machines
    42 Scaffolds
    40 Cards
    36 Workers
    24 Upgrades
    22 Awards
    17 Starting Abilities
    8 Water Barrs
    4 Player Boards
    4 Wood Blimps
    4 Wood Dreadnoughts
    4 Wood Hot Air Balloons
    1 Gameboard
    1 Rulebook

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Das Material ist 1a und das Spiel nach etwas Eingewöhnung ein toller workerplacer. Durch die ganzen unterschiedlichen Startkarten ist kein Spiel wie das zuvor.
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