Wasteland Express - Delivery Service (engl.)

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Wasteland Express Delivery Service is the depraved brainchild of a superstar team of acclaimed game designers: Jon Gilmour (Dead of Winter), Matt Riddle (Fleet, Marocco), and Ben Pinchback (Fleet, Marocco), brought to technicolor life by award-winning comic artist Riccardo Burchielli (DMZ, Batman Black and White) to create the perfect marriage of emergent thematic gameplay and balanced strategy.

Take on the role of the half-insame drivers for the last delivery company left on earth: the wasteland Express Delivery Service. In order to scratch out a living in this deranged universe, drivers will deliver goods and guns between the handful of settlements pockmarket throughout the hellscape that you call home and take on missions from the handful of factions still trying to hold onto the last drags of civilization.

Course, none of this is easy. Inhabiting the post-apocalyptic wasteland are unhinged characters set on unleashing mayhem at every turn. If you want to survive, you will have to battle trough the psycho raiders who occupy the void between cities. Maybe the world can be saved, maybe you can bring humanity back from the brink. Band the world back together to fight back against the void. Then again, what the f*ck do you care? You are here to get paid and live another day free. Outfit your truck, get loaded for bear, hire some allies, get paid, and just keep on truckin.

Game Contents:

    125 truck mods
    60 $1 Scrap tokens
    60 progress markers
    45 faction job cards
    40 damage tokens
    36 demand counters
    30 $5 Scrap tokens
    25 action markers
    25 food crates
    25 water barrels
    25 weapon crates
    22 supply counters
    21 location tiles
    20 artifacts
    18 character standees
    16 ally cards
    16 raider enclave cards
    16 terrain octagons
    15 $10 Scrap tokens
    15 dig tiles
    15 vision quest cards
    10 combat dice
    10 event cards
    10 trailers
    9 raider truck cards
    8 priority first-class contract cards
    6 dashboards
    6 not welcome standees
    6 player truck miniatures
    5 nuclear bombs
    3 raider truck miniatures
    1 Grand Lord Emperor Torque card
    1 Grand Lord Emperor Torque miniature
    1 market board
    1 Mod Shop tray & refernece board
    1 RAD check die
    1 raider check die

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