Valerian - The Alpha Missions (engl.)

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A massive space-city on the brink of chaos...
A mysterious dark force...
... and a small group of highly trained operatives holding the thin line between peace and war!

Assemble your team, gear up, and dive in to the dark depths of Alpha - the City of a Thousand Planets. The underground is bristling with enemies, and the only way you will escape with your lives is to work together.

Valerian - the Alpha Missions is a cooperative game, so you will work with your fellow players to overcome the obstacles and complete your missions. The game comes with 51 map tiles and over 100 cards, so you will never fight the same mission twice!

Will you be the heroes alpha needs?


    148 cards
    51 tiles
    42 cubes
    12 dice
    8 standees
    5 tracker beacons
    4 standee bases
    1 game board
    1 rulebook

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