Star Wars X-Wing - Imperial Raider (Expansion) (engl.)

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Reinforcement for your X-Wing - game world!

The Raider-class corvette was designed to support Star Destroyers, employing close-range anti-fighter weapons such as powerful ion cannon batteries and retractable twin heavy laser cannons. The modularity of its armaments and its ability to operate independently for long periods of time resulted in many of these ships being utilized as Outer Rim patrol craft or being posted in a more prestigious role as heavy support for covert missions.

This pack includes everything you need to add one Raider-class corvette and one TIE Advanced to your game. The Raider adds a fierce anti-fighter platform to the Imperial fleet, featuring iconic Imperial vilains like Grand Moff Tarkin and the Emperor. This pack also contains a branching campaign of missions, following a raider in Epic Play format, allowing for massive fleets to farce off in large-scale place battles!

This is not a stand alone deck. A copy of Star Wars X-Wing - The Coreset is required to play.

Game Contents:

    63 Cards
    56 Tokens
    2 Maneuver Dials
    2 Painted Plastic Ships with Bases and Pegs
    1 Campaign Progress Sheet
    1 Maneuver Template
    1 Mission Booklet
    1 Range Ruler
    1 Rulebook

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