Risk Godstorm (engl.)

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Who will rule the Ancient Earth - and beyond?

Enter a time of myths and legends. Enter the world of Risk Goldstorm, where ancient faiths and fears rule. Battle across the Earth and in the dark regions below. Harness primal forces to strike with devastating power. Command five ancient cultures - Greek, Celtic, Babylonian, Norse, and Egyptian - in a continent-spanning battle that will determine whose civilization reigns supreme. And rest assured, the gods will not sit idle in this war.

Game Contents:

    66 miracle cards
    60 faith tokens
    44 territory cards
    12 temples
    10 dice
    5 different ancient armies
    5 pantheon cards
    5 plague markers
    5 sets of gods
    5 turn order markers
    1 Ancient Earth gameboard
    1 epoch marker
    1 maelstrom marker
    1 reference card
    1 Rulebook
    1 sunken Atlantis marker
    1 Underworld gameboard

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