Resident Evil 3 - The City of Ruin (Expansion) (engl.)

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    NIght has fallen over Raccoon City, and a shroud of darkness hides the horrors within. A viral outbreak has brought this once-prosperous town to its knees, infecting the populace and turning them into ravenous undead monsters. It is into this nightmare you are now thrown, another survivor desperately trying to escape with your life. Along the way you will have to aid others like you, battle enemies unknown, and search for the sinister truth behind the disaster that has befallen Raccoon City.

    Resident Evil is a fast-paced cooperative survival horror game. In order to survive and complete each scenario, players will have to work together and discuss the best way to advance. With only limited resources at their disposal, even the most accurate character won’t be able to defeat every enemy, and if one character dies the whole group loses - players will have to quickly learn when to stand and fight, and when to flee!

    Carefully designed from the ground up to deliver a terrifying and immersive experience faithful to the cult videogame, dare you try to escape the nightmare?

    This is not a stand alone deck. A copy of Resident Evil 3 - The Board Game (engl.) is required to play.

    Game Contents:

      76 cards
      36 tokens and terrain elements
      14 highly detailed plastic miniatures
      6 double-sided game board tiles
      1 rulebook


    Spieleranzahl: für 1 - 4 Spieler
    Alter: ab 14 Jahre
    Spieldauer: ca. 90 - 120 Minuten
    Gewicht: 1.200 g
    Produktgröße: 295 x 295 x 95 mm
    Kategorie: Strategiespiele
    Sprache: GB
    Verlag: Steamforged Games


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