Onward to Venus (engl.)

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    Space, wild and free, and it’s your for the taking!

    Our Solar system and its planets are ripe for the picking, treasure troves for the brave and bold space adventurer. So what if the Martians or the savages of Venus would rather we stay home? They’ll be happy campers once you’ve subjugated them, strip-mined their resources, built shoe factories and taught them the rules of cricket. Everyone likes progress.

    Prepare your forces to conquer the savage solar system an beyond.
    Onward to Venus!

    Onward to Venus is a board game for two to five players based on the graphic novels of Greg Broadmore. The game plunges you into an alternate reality where space travel and ray guns exist in an end-of-the- nineteenth century setting. You will take control of one of the major Earth based empires and compete with your fellow players to colonies the planets moons of Solar System. Rather that play on a standard board you will arrange eight planets and moons in a line on the table of play. You must use your military forces wisely to take control of mines, build factories, and defeat uppity rebels. All of this brought to colorful life though the extensive use of Greg’s imagery. Prepare yourself for a visual and metal treat.

    Game Contains:

      132 Cards
      20 Countersheets
      8 Wooden Components
      3 Customised Dice
      1 Cloth Bag
      1 Player Aid Card
      1 Rulebook


    Alter: ab 13 Jahre
    Spieleranzahl: für 2 - 5 Spieler
    Autor: Martin Wallace
    Spieldauer: ca. 90 - 120 Minuten
    Gewicht: 1.750 g
    Produktgröße: 230 x 320 x 75 mm
    Kategorie: Strategiespiele
    Sprache: GB
    Verlag: Asmodee


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