Massive Darkness - Ratlings Enemy Box (Expansion) (engl.)

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The Ratling people have always pestered the people of the land. However, with the Darkness growing power, these vermin have grown bolder, more bloodthirsty, and better equipped. Like their rodent cousins, they swarm the tunnels and scurry about on nimblefeet, striking and vanishig into darkness. there are even rumors of gigantic ratling bullies that rival the strength of a troll!

This Enemy Box contains two additional Mobs (Boss and Minions), an Agent, and a Roaming Monster, along with their game cards for Massive Darkness. The Ratings are fast and hard-hitting enemies: in melee or ranged combat , they can swarm your party of heroes and overwhel your best defenses instantly.

This figures may also be used in any fantasy or roleplaying game.

This is not a stand alone deck. A copy of Massive Darkness (engl.) is required to play.

Game Contents:

    13 Cards
    12 Ratling Warrior Minions
    6 Ratling Crossbowman Minions
    1 Ratling Agent
    1 Ratling Bully Roaming Monster
    1 Ratling Crosbowman
    1 Ratling Warrior Boss

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