London Dread (engl.)

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It is the late 1890s. The British Empire stretches around the globe. London has grown to become the greatest city in the world. It is a time of innovation, prosperity and expansion.

But every paradise has a snake. In the heart of the capitel, something terrible is rising.

Will you live through the night? Will you survive the London Dread?

London Dread combines real-time programming and dice-driven investigations to create a deeply immersive, cooperative experience. Follow the trail of blood, gain powerful artifacts and unravel the evil that stirs in the city.

The game is supported by a free timer-app that provides tailor-made soundscapes and professional voice acting for a unique and engaging experience that will make Victorian London come to life in your living room.

Game Contents:

    71 Unique Story Cards
    54 Action Tokens
    48 Investigation Tokens
    48 Unique Dread Cards
    36 Unique Personality Cards
    32 Unique Item Cards
    30 Confidence Cards
    16 Action Dice
    12 Virtue Tokens
    9 Ally Cards
    8 Condition Cards
    8 Goon Tokens
    8 Modifier Tokens
    6 Card Organizers
    6 Character Medallions
    6 Character Sheets
    6 Plot Placeholder Cards
    4 Action Clocks
    4 Plastic Stands
    2 Divider Cards
    1 Action Marker
    1 Dread Track Marker
    1 Game Board
    1 Rule Book
    1 Story Guide
    1 Trauma Die

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