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May the best liar win!

A filthy rich industrialist has died, but only the most conniving member of the household will inherid his fortune. You are given a secret identity, but can claim to be any character in the game. Use a characters abilities to aid your schemes. Investigate the other players and learn their true identities. Then, eliminate your rivals one at a time by confronting them with your accusations.

But be careful! Get caught in enough lies, and the other players can pin down your identity. Make a false accusation and you can be eliminated, or even hand victory to your opponent!

Hoax is simple to play, but it is your opponents who are complicated!

Game Contents:

    27 Resource Tokens
    25 Imposter Tokens
    7 Character Card
    7 Suspicion Cards
    6 Reference Sheets
    1 Hoax Card
    1 Rulebook

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