Ghostbusters - Slimer Sea Fright (Expansion) (engl.)

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An unnatural frog is rolling into New York Harbor, bringing with it a fearsome skeleton crew led by the ghost pirate Captain Jack Higgins. Their goal? Retake their stolen treasure by any means necessary. When the Ghostbusters need some help dealing with these swashbuckling marauders, who are they going to call? Slimer! The green spud that served as the busters firstt catch is now one of the team and ready to spray Slime and shoot Proton Streams to defend the Big Apple from these spooky scallywags.

Extend your Ghostbusters - The Board Game II experience with pilfered pirate treasure and its Ghostly guardians, as inspired by The Real Ghostbusters episode Sea Fight. Can Slimers unique Ghost traits help save the city from this nautical nightmare?

Game Contents:

    9 Custom Plastic Mini Figures
    4 Double-sided Game Board Tiles
    2 Snap-on Bases
    Scenario Cards

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