Dungeons & Dragons - Vault of Dragons (engl.)

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Rumors of a hidden vault of gold circulate through the streets, taverns and markets of Waterdeep. In Vault of Dragons, each player chooses one of the four unsavory factions racing to locate the Secret of the Vault!
Sinister criminals, devilish nobles, mercenary drow, and mysterious wizards are all competing to be the first to find the Vault of Dragons!
Send your followers to locations in and around Waterdeep to search for rumors and treasure.
Explore the dungeons of Undermountain to find the secret of the Vault of Dragons!

Game Contents:

    157 Tokens
    50 Magic Item Cards
    50 Treasure Cards
    40 Plastic Figures
    17 Dice
    12 Location Tiles
    6 Dungeons
    4 Faction Cards
    1 Yawning Portal Tile
    1 Rulebook

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