Descent 2 - The Chains That Rust (Expansion) (engl.)

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Escape the Curse that binds you!

In the land of the undying and eternally cursed, there are few who do not long for freedom. It matters little how you first arrived in the Mistlands, nor what you ghad to do to escape; through you may break free of its borders, the mist and its Monsters are not far behind. It is time to return the gloom from which you fled, and to shatter the chains that bind you to the dark realm of Waiqar the Undying!

The Chains That Rust is an expansion for Descent - Journeys in the Dark Second Edition. In the thrilling, stand-alone, high-level camapign found within, the heroes must brave the vile, haunted Mistlands one more time. While opposing the corrupted servants of Waiqar the Undying, the heroes must search for a cure to their cursed half-dead condition. Failure will condemn them not to death, but to something much worse: an everlasting un-life.

This is not a stand alone deck. A copy of Descent - Journeys in the Dark (2. Edition) is required to play.

Game Contents:

    16 Class Cards
    16 Damage Tokens
    15 Map Tiles
    9 Shop Item Cards
    8 Crumbling Terrain Tokens
    8 Hero Tokens
    8 Overlord Cards
    8 Plastic Figures
    6 Monster Cards
    6 Tainted Cards
    5 Condition Tokens
    4 Condition Cards
    3 Lieutenant Cards
    3 Lieutenant Tokens
    3 Relic Cards
    2 Old Wall Tokens
    2 Travel Event Cards
    1 Objective Token
    1 Rulebook/Quest Guide (32 Pages)
    1 Servant Card
    1 Servant Token
    1 Villiger Token

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