Descent 2 - Nature´s Ire (Expansion) (PoD) (engl.)

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There is no rest when the forest itself is against you...

The town of Blue Rock is in need. Many villagers are missing, and only Desmond can help you save them. Together, you must overcome the wrath of the wilderness and rescue the inhabitans of the withering town.

Discover a new way to play Descent - Journeys in the Dark Second Edition with Nature’s Ire. This expansion removes the overlord player and allows 1 to 4 hero players to enjoy a fuly coorperative experience.

The heroes must explore a constantly expanding map while overcoming dangerous perils and completing diverse encounters, all before the forces of doom and fate bring about their untimely demise!

This is not a stand alone deck. A copy of Descent - Journeys in the Dark (2. Edition) is required to play.


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