Dark Souls - Tomb of Giants (engl.)

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Tomb of Giants is a forsaken and cursed place, teeming with all manner of dread creatures. Any venturing this far beneath the earth best bring a light, lest they find their own extinguished. Those who survive the skeletal hordes shall find an ancient evil brooding in the black ness... The first of the dead, Gravelord Nito.

This is a coorperative board game. Take control of either the Cleric, Pyromancer, or Thief as you progress through several dark and perilous encounters, culminating in an epic boss battle against Gravelord Nito himself.

To be successful, you must work together. Explore chambers and passages long lost to the living, and defeat your enemies by learning their attack patterns and weakness - but be careful. If a character dies, the game does not end, but there will be a cost. If even one of you falls prey to the evil lurking in the darkness, the whole party msut return to the bonfire, and each encounter resets.

Use your resources spaaringly, learn quickly, and...

Prepare to die.

Game Contents:

    169 Cards
    18 Miniatures
    15 Dice
    4 Double-sided Game Tiles
    3 Character Boards
    3 Token Boards
    2 Health Dials
    1 Campaign Dashboard
    1 Rulebook

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