Brass - Lancashire (engl.)

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Brass - Lancashire tells the story of competing entrepreneurs in Lancashire and the surrounding area during Englands Industrial Revolution, between the years 1770-1870. In this cerebral game of cutthoat greed, you will expand your empire by establishing canals and rails, and building and developing various industries, including Cotton Mills, Coal Mines, Iron Works, Shipyards and Ports.

Game Contents:

    148 Industry tiles (37 per colour)
    77 Money tokens
    66 Location and Industry cards
    56 Double-sided Link tiles (14 per colour)
    24 Black coal cubes
    16 Orange iron cubes
    12 Distant Cotton Market tiles
    4 Character tiles
    4 Income Markers
    4 Player Mats
    4 Victory Point Markers
    1 Board
    1 Deck tile
    1 Distant Cotton Market Marker
    1 Rulebook

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