Arkham Horror LCG - The Card Game (engl.)

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„The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear. And the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.“
- H.P. Lovekraft

In the sleepy town of Arkham, Massachusetts, a small band of intrepid investigators seeks to uncover the nature of a sinister menace that threatens humanity. But beware! Thhe arcane realm holds countless terrors, and the investigators must take care to maintain a tenuous grip upon their very sanity, and survive.

Arkham Horror - The Card Game is a one or two player coorperative game in which each player assumes the role of an investigator and ettempts to solve terrifying eldritch mysteries. With a second copy of this core set, up to four players can play the game together. Each game is a chapter in a longer campaign, in which decisions carry far-reaching and unexpected consequences. As a Living Card Game, new cards and adventures are released regulary, allowing players to customize the contents of this core set, or to createtheir own original decks.

The Ancient Ones await.
Can any among us uncover their secrets and live to tell the tale?

Game Contents:

    119 Player Cards
    110 Scenario Cards
    44 Chaos Tokens
    30 Clue/Doom Tokens
    30 Resource Tokens
    27 Damage Tokens
    18 Horror Tokens
    5 Investigator Cards
    5 Mini Cards
    1 Campaign Guide
    1 Learn to Play Book
    1 Rules Reference Guide

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