Archmage (engl.)

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Magic. It has always been. But now it exists only in rumors, whispers, and prophecies.

As a fledgling mage you set out to explore the land, uncover lost relics, meet with mythic races, gather followers and train apprentics.

Build and lead your order of mages and become the Archmage, a wizard that weaves all six spheres of magic into one!

Game Contents:

    100 Follower figures
    72 Spell cards
    72 Spell tokens
    48 Ward tokens
    42 Location Hexes
    24 Planet tokens
    24 Relic cubes
    4 Mage Figures
    4 Mage Towers
    4 Player aids
    4 Spellbook mantles
    4 Tower Boards
    1 Ruined City tile

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