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It is the late 26th century.

Earth is recovering from a catastrophic explosion that exterminated the majority of the population and made most of the surface uninhabitable. The surviving humans organized themselves along four radically different ideologies: Harmony, Dominance, Progress and Salvation. Followers of the four Paths live in a fragile peace, livng in almost complete isolation next to each other.

Now an even more terrible cataclysm is looming on the horizon: an asteriod is heading towards the earth. The time travel technology discovered in the wake of the old cataclysm is the best way to prepare for the impending impact; and it is up to the Leaders if they see it as a potential.

Game Contents:

    80 Plastic Resource Cubes
    80 Plastic Resource Tokens
    80 Worker Tokens
    72 Building an Anomaly Tiles
    66 Victory Point Tokens
    45 Breakthrough Tiles
    44 Warp Tokens
    32 Path Markers
    30 Exosuit Markers
    30 Plastic Water Drops
    24 Energy Core Tokens
    22 Recruit and Mine Pool Cards
    20 Experiment Cards
    18 Superproject Tiles
    16 Paradox Tokens
    16 Starting Asset Cards
    15 Collapsing Capital Tiles
    12 Dual-sided Timeline Tiles
    10 Tracker Tokens
    9 Endgame Condition Cards
    9 Hex Unvailable Tiles
    8 Leader Cards
    6 Chronobot Tokens
    6 Custom Dice
    4 Path Boards
    4 Player Banners with Plastic Standee
    4 Player Boards
    1 Chronobot Banner
    1 Chronobot Board
    1 Doomsday Board
    1 Evacuation Action Tile
    1 Impact Tile
    1 Main Board
    1 Rulebook
    1 Scoring Pad

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