1846 (engl.)

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1846 - the midwest railroad boom has gone bust, leaving in its wake hundreds of failed local railroads. Sensing opportunity in the economic vacuum, five large eastern railroads seek dominance west of the Alleghenies. Can you, as a nineteen century tycoon, knit together these profitable railroads with the midwestern remnants to form the most profitable rail networks stretching all the way to Chicago or St. Louis?
1846 is an 18xx game, one of many games by different designers inspired by Francis Treshams 1829. However, 1846 has several unique features, such as its opening draft, variable setup, and a comparatively shorter game length, that are good for players new to 18xx.

Players begin by drafting private companies and launching public railroads. Play alternates between buying and selling stocks and running the railroads.
Each railroad - with its President, the majority stock holder, making its decision - lays track, builds stations, runs routes, and possibly pays dividends to increase its stock price and give its shareholders cash for the next stock round.
A railroad can instead retain its earnings to buy bigger and better trains. New trains - representing technological progress - cause older ones to go obsolete, with each president having to make up the difference if a railroad does not have enough cash to replace its trains. Can you invest wisely, balancing you railroads cash needs while building the best stock portfolio?

Game Contents:

    63 Stock Certificates
    29 Train Cards
    10 private Company Certificates
    5 Player Cards
    5 Sheets with 120 tiles
    1 Mounted Mapboard
    1 Pack of Play Money
    1 Priority Deal Card
    1 twenty page Rule Book

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