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Descent 2 - Visions of Dawn - Hero and Monster Collection (Expansion) (engl.)

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A brutal Army is rising!

Trolls and ogres plunder the countryside, working together for the first time in generations. During their last alliance, these beasts took part in a reign of terror and bloodshed. And their pinnacle, their numbers were legion, and the free races had only despair. A lone warrior-priestess turned the tide then, but can the heroes haunted by her visions save the land now?

Bring legendary heroes and infamous monsters to your Descent - Journeys in the Dark (2. Edition), with the Visions of Dawn hero and monster collection. Explore the unique strengths and abilities of these monsters and heroes by playing the included quests individually or through the use of Rumor cards.

With 4 heroes, 3 monster groups, and two new quests, the Visions of Dawn hero and monster collection gives fresh options to your Descent - Journeys in the Dark (2.Edition)!

This is not a stand alone deck. A copy of Descent - Journeys in the Dark (2. Edition) is required to play.

Game Contents:

    10 Plastic Figures:
    • 2 Manticores
    • 2 Orges
    • 2 Trolls
    • 1 Ispher
    • 1 Master Thorn
    • 1 Nara the Fang
    • 1 Sir Valadir
    6 Monster Cards
    4 Hero Sheets
    1 Overlord Card
    1 Quest Card
    1 Rulesheet
    1 Rumor Card

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