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Berserk - Knights und Villains

Berserk - Knights und Villains Berserk - Knights und Villains
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Face your foe in a battle of cunning, wits and military might. Lead villains of Russian folk lore in a campaign of destruction, or defend the land with heroes plucked straight from legend. Battle head-to-head in a test of strength and strategy for domination of the kingdoms of Berserk.

Berserk - Knights and Villains is the first expansion for Berserk - War of the Realms, the international version of the popular Russian war game played with cards instead of miniatures. It can be combined with the original game or played right out of the box as a two-player duel. Contains two 30-card decks and everything two players need to wage war in an epic land.

Game Contents:

60 Cards
  2 Custom Dice
  2 Reference Cards
  1 Rulebook
     Comic Strip
     Damage and Effect Tokens

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